Cultivation Field Wildlife Corridor Tree Planting

Cultivation Field planted 420 Woodland Trust tree saplings in Palmer Park, Reading (UK), on the 12th November 2016 and a further 420 Woodland Trust tree saplings on the 19th November 2017 creating a Wildlife Corridor. The trees were planted with RBC permission. The project brought together the local community, environmentalists, artists and groups including Transition Town Reading and the Green Party. The Cultivation Field Wildlife Corridor continued a line of trees planted a few years ago near the fence next to the railway line.

Unfortunately In November 2019 the Wildlife Corridor trees were accidentally cut down. Cultivation Field worked with RBC, TCV and the local community to replant the trees in December 2019 so the Cultivation Field Wildlife Corridor can regrow. Six larger trees; two oak, two cherry blossom and two walnut trees, were also planted in the park.

Other tree planting projects we have been involved in are Woodland Trust trees for villages around Heathrow (2016). Trees were planted in parks in at Harmondsworth, Harlington and Sipson.