Cultivation Field is a curation project about artworks using plant-based material in various forms and configurations. Plant can be the subject or object. The artworks can explore plant matter, be constructed with plant material, engage with plants in film or live performances. The artworks can be situated on site or be viewed in the non-site gallery. The site can be the studio.

Cultivation Field was initiated by artist and researcher Dr Kate Corder during her studies for an Art Practice PhD at University of Reading (UK). A Cultivation Field Symposium organized by Kate took place at University of Reading in 2011. The first Cultivation Field Exhibition (2012) followed on from the Symposium exhibiting approximately 35 artists’ work in two venues in Reading. Cultivation Field is a gradually evolving project and open to collaboration.

In 2020 Cultivation Field is starting to explore ideas for a new exhibition in 2021. A particular subject has been chosen. Research and development time for this project needs to take place and this will be an ongoing process.

Cultivation Field is on Instagram @cultivationfield